About Diamonds

Diamonds are formed over millions of years deep in the earths crust under immense heat and pressure. In ancient times diamonds captured peoples imaginations, conjuring up magical and spiritual healing powers that drove some to murder just to possess one these rare and mysterious stones.
Kings & Queens were the first to adorn themselves with these precious gems and so began the trend to give diamonds as a symbol of ones’ love. Diamonds remained the luxury of only the very wealthy until the early parts of the 20th century when as today they became the object of desire for women all over the world.

The 4 C’S

When you are buying a diamond there are four characteristics that will dictate the price, these are what are commonly known as the 4 C’S, Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat weight.


The cut of a diamond can mean two things, either its shape or how it has been skilfully cut to optimise its sparkle.
Diamonds come in many shapes, from the traditional round brilliant cut to fancy shapes including princess (square), emerald (rectangle), pear, heart or oval to name but a few.
The expertise of the diamond cutter will be reflected in the cut of a diamond, that is to say a diamond that has been well-cut will be well proportioned to give the diamond maximum fire & beauty.


The colour of a Diamond is graded by what degree they are colourless, diamonds with little colour being those that are viewed as being the most valuable. The grading system used is represented by the letters of the alphabet, D (colourless) denoting the top of the scale through to Z. Sometimes the differences between grades can be very slight, D & E represent the best and therefore the most expensive, G & H are viewed as nearly colourless and K onwards as tinted by varying degrees.


Diamonds as we have discovered above are natural and formed over many years, and each one has its own individual characteristics. These inclusions, which manifest themselves as blemishes within the diamond, may sometimes not even be seen with the naked eye, and very few diamonds may even have none these natural flaws at all. These rarest of diamonds are graded as IF (flawless). There are those with very very small inclusions (VVS1-VVS2) and very small inclusions (VS1-VS2) which are difficult to see with a jewellers magnifying loupe and which can not be seen with the naked eye. Then there are diamonds with slight inclusions (SI1-3), these will be visible under the loupe but not with an unaided eye. Diamonds with inclusions that are obvious to the naked eye are graded I1- I3.


This is the measure of weight for diamonds. A carat can be divided into 100 points, ½ a carat equalling 50 points, ¾ of a carat , 75 points and so on. The larger the diamond is, the rarer it is and so their cost increase exponentially.
The final C, though not always mentioned is a very important one…….


When buying a diamond, cost is usually the most important factor, leaving you the customer to juggle the varying qualities of a diamond to suit your budget, balancing colour versus clarity, cut & carat. So really there are 5 C’s to bear in mind when you decide to buy a diamond.
Certificated Diamonds
Many diamonds are bought and sold based on their qualities, and there are different laboratories around the world that independently grade the diamonds attesting to their qualities and produce a detailed report cataloguing a diamonds individual characteristics.

Conflict Diamonds

There has been increased awareness and concern within the diamond industry and in the world at large regarding the supply of diamonds from worn torn countries in Africa. Rebel groups fighting against legitimate governments have been funding their military activities through the illicit trade in diamonds and this has resulted in what is commonly known as the Kimberley Process, an joint government and industry initiative to ensure that only diamonds from legitimate sources find their way into the market. We hereby guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of our diamonds.